Dobro došli u svijet Instant Pota

about me

about me

I have to admit I have never been particularly crazy about cooking.
My mother was always close and I enjoyed her delicacies.
My range was simpler dishes and cakes. Simple, of course! And even then, only sometimes.

And they say everything happens for reason.
The whole story started about two years ago when I was looking at recipes on You Tube.
I caught sight of the Instant Pot. Woooow !! What is that? I immediately liked it.
Otherwise, I am in love with the products of “west side” of the world because I already have experience with a couple of them.
I knew Instant Pot had to be the same — so great, easy to use and ultra safe.
And I did not make a mistake. 🙂

Everyone who knows me; they know I can hardly connect with the kitchen.
But this pot got me so much that I started to cook! And now, I come up with a question: what will we eat today? Do you have a wish?
Delighted with simplicity of using Instant Pot, I decided to run this blog and share my experience.
But I will occasionally have recipes that will not require Instant Pot.
I like to try everything, especially if it’s easy to prepare and delicious at the same time.

My family (husband, very active 3.5 year old and 3 Labradors) is not decided on one particular diet. We like everything in moderation.
Healthy and unhealthy. Okay, okay, dogs do not eat cakes, but I try to eat feed them a variety as well.

My meals are meant for all people who do not have much time to cook and would like something nice to eat.
Most recipes doesn’t take much time.
Of course, if you do not currently have an Instant Pot, you can cook all the dishes in a classic way.
In this case, adjust the length of cooking.

Although I still consider myself a beginner in the Instant Pot world, if you like my story and would like to use my photos and texts feel free to contact me at [email protected]
If you have another form of communication, all the suggestions are welcome.

I hope Instant Pot will come as soon as possible to Croatia. Until then you can get it from Amazon or Ebay by yourself.

Instant Pot has changed my life, I hope that will change yours as well!

From the heart, Astra