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Berkey – natural water purifier (our experience)

Berkey – natural water purifier (our experience)

I was never satisfied with the available water from the water supply.
It is full of chlorine, lime and other impurities, so I use water purifiers since they came to the Croatian market.
But as the replacement filters become more and more expensive, I decided to find a more durable solution.
In the internet I found Berkey, the world’s leading filtration and purification filter manufacturer.
The advantages of Berkey are that the whole system is stainless steel, the filters last for 10-12 years,
the installation is very simple (requires no tools, no electricity or water supply installation), and maintenance is minimal.
The whole system is transferable, so it can be taken for summer or winter holidays, as well as for camping in nature because Berkey systems
are also designed for the purification of completely untreated water from rivers, lakes or streams.
Black Berkey filters eliminate organic and inorganic impurities, microbial contamination, uranium, alpha and beta radiation sources, various chemical contaminants.
For areas particularly heavily loaded with heavy metals or fluoridated water, it is possible to incorporate additional PF-2 Berkey filters
that cover a much wider spectrum of contamination.
Berkey is available in several sizes depending on how large the lower tank is, so Sport Berkey contains a tank of 0.65 liters of filtered water
while Crown Berkey has a tank of 22.7 liters of water.

What size to choose?

We use Royal Berkey which is our ideal size for our three-member family.
Every night I fill Berkey before bed and we have enough for the second day, and if I cook more than usual,
I refill it once more during the day.
Royal, Imperial or Crown models are ideal for families, while Travel, Big or Royal will be enough for singles and couples.

Berkey’s purified water is softer and finer, and we use it daily for drinking and cooking.
We also carry it with us when we go somewhere because we feel chlorine when we drink water that is not additional filtered.

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