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How to flavor water kefir? (winter)

How to flavor water kefir? (winter)

I love water kefir. A refreshing drink that never gets boring.
I’m not sure if the fruit that I add to the taste is sprayed with chemicals, I always add flavors in the second fermentation.
I bring you my favorite tastes for the winter.


Water kefir can be flavored in 2 ways:
1) by adding flavor during the first fermentation
2) by adding flavors in second fermentation
No matter what way you choose, both ways give you results.

Flavoring during the first fermentation:

To do this, just add the flavor you would like to prepare.
Water kefir is ready for consumption after 24 to 48 hours.
Then squeeze the liquid and remove the fruit / herbs / vegetables that you have added as a taste.
Keep in mind that the kefir grain does not tolerate sulfur in dry fruits and pesticides in fruit and vegetables.
If you are not sure how you fruit are, peel or place only what you are sure there are no preservatives or pesticides.
For even richer water kefir, boil the different teas and add sugar in them, and then flavor it in the second fermentation.
Use only the tea leaves / flowers, not the filter bags.The teas I love: green, chamomile, hibiscus, pomegranate, mint

Flavoring during another fermentation:

Pour a finished water kefir into jars or bottles and add the flavors that you like.
Close the bottle firmly.Wait a few hours up to 24 hours.
If you decide to put the finished juice, put it 10-30%.
Be sure to leave the fermentation area, do not fill the bottle to the top.1-2 times a day, let the “air” out so your bottle doesn’t explode.
Keep in mind that in the summer months fermentation is faster and in winter slower.

What flavors can I use?

You can add any fruits, plants, spices, even the vegetables you love.
You can also add natural or purchased juices / syrups.

My favorite tastes for winter:

– lime / ginger / sweet grapefruit (here would be fine a mint)
– pomegranate / red grapefruit / cherry or forest fruit syrup
– orange / apple / lemon / orange syrup
Variations are numerous, play and find the one that suits you best.

Here you can read what is water kefir and how to make it:

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