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Instant pot: abbreviations and meanings

Instant pot: abbreviations and meanings

If your recipes were interested in exploring more about Instant Pot,
you could have met many of the shortcuts in the Instant Pot world and ask what they mean.
Here’s an explanation of what they mean:


IP = Instant Pot

PC = espresso pot (Pressure Cooker)

EPC = Electric Pressure Cooker

QR or QPR = Quick Release (Quick Pressure Release)open the valve immediately after cooking and quick release of steam

NR or NPR = natural release (Natural Release) (Natural Pressure Release)leave the valve closed after cooking and let pressure drop itself

10 min NPR = let 10 minutes decrease the pressure,then open the valve and quickly let the rest of the steam

HP = High Pressure

Trivet = a metal base placed on the bottom of the bowl to allow the food to be above the water level

Seal / Ring = silicone ring for cover

Pin = small metal part (pressure indicator)(when up is the IP under pressure, when down it means there is no pressure)

Handle / Vent / Knob = for steam releasea small black handle that can be turned to “Sealing” or “Venting” mode

Shield = metal cover over the anti-block shield valve

PIP = pot in pot (Pot In Pot)The food is placed first in a small bowl and only in the inner pot of Instant PotSmaller pots must be declared for cooking under high pressure

Sling = Aluminum foil tape which holds the bowl in the bowl cooking method

HBE = Hard Boiled Egg

6-6-6 = method for hard boiled eggs6 min cooking -6 min natural steam release -6 min eggs immersed in ice water

Pothead = User Instant Pot (Instant Pot user)


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