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Instant pot: how to start and what to pay attention to

Instant pot: how to start and what to pay attention to

You’ve seen Instant Pot’s options, you’ve decided for the model, but …. how to start working in Instant Pot?
What do all those buttons mean on it and what attention do you pay attention to?
Here are some tips for an easier start..

First of all, to be completely honest, and I was frightened with the word “express” but believe me today’s Instant Pot is super safe and easy to use.
It takes a while to change your cooking habits, but once you’ve learned to use Instant Pot, you will wonder how you could have lived without it.
The thing I love most is: after you’ve turned it on, you can forget it !!! How is that possible, you’re wondering?
Instant Pot has microprocessors that monitor cooking, and there is no more worries like in the classic express pots.
Instant Pot does everything by itself, which means: you can put your groceries in the pot in the morning and go to the store,
take a kid to kindergarten or school, go to work or the beach. When you return your meal will be cooked and warm like you cook it just now.
When you personally assure that it is really so, I believe you will be thrilled just as I am.

So, here’s my tips to help you love Instant Pot:

1.) Prepare the Instant Pot for work and do “water test”

Depending on the model you choose, Instant Pot has a couple of programs.
But everyone has the option of “manual” and maintaining the temperature “keep warm”.
You can do the “manual” option as well as on individual programs.Keeping the temperature warm up after each cooking.

Once you’ve unpacked your Instant Pot, read the instructions and prepare the Instant Pot for work.
To begin with, I suggest that you do a “water test” so that you know little more about how Instant Pot works.

2.) It takes at least 1 cup of water to create pressure

This is important if you cook “dry” foods such as eggs in shell, potatoes in a basket or vegetables.
Always place 1 cup of water on the bottom and use the trivet that came with your IP or you’ve got it specially.
If you have a lot of food, put 2 cups of water.

3.) Not all dishes are suitable for the “keep warm” option

Simplified all the juicy dishes (goulash, stews, soups) are suitable for a “keep warm” option.
For “dry” meals like rice you will have to be present because the “keep warm” option will burn the bottom.
But when you know this goal, it is not a problem to plan a meal that fits in your current needs.

4.) Silicon ring

After each cooking, it is best to wash the sealing ring and the lid.
This will slightly soften the scent of the dishes you have cooked but not completely.
Mostly, the smell is not transferred to the next dish, unless the next dish is lighter than the previous one (cake or rice).
But you can solve this problem with having 1 ring for cakes and lighter meals, and the other for all other meals with stronger smells.

The recommendation is to change the rings every year.
After a year of constant use, the ring is stretched and does not fit well, so there is a possibility that IP will not be able to create pressure.

You can wash the ring in the dishwasher, but for lid I do not recommend it.

Adjust the silicone ring as soon as it is washed and dry to avoid the possible situation in a hurry and start cooking without a silicone ring.
In that case IP will not be able to create pressure.

When IP is not in use, put the lid upside down to reduce odor.

5.) Inner container

I’m thrilled that IP has a stainless still bowl for cooking. Not only is it easy to maintain it, it is also a lot healthier.

You can wash it in the dishwasher. Before washing, spray it with vinegar.

After you wash and dry it, put it in the IP to avoid the possibility of accidentally entering food into the IP itself.

While the IP is not in use, always put the lid upside down to reduce odor.

6.) Total program length

Keep in mind that time starts to count down when actual cooking time is started.
The IP starts counting the cooking time just after it has created the pressure.
The time needed to create the pressure is not the same for all recipes.
Time depends on the amount of fluid and food you are cooking and if you are using frozen or non-frozen ingredients.

Do not be confused that the IP will let steam just before it pressurize. That’s completely normal.

The IP will get pressure before if you use the “Saute” option so the pot and food will be hot already.
But if you have started with cold and / or frozen food, you will have to wait a while for pressure.
Just like recipes for using the oven: they do not say the time it takes for the oven to reach the temperature,
so recipes for IP do not add time to achieve pressure or decompression.

7.) A steam valve

Design a system that will remind you to close the valve.
Believe me, it will happen when you’ve forgotten to close the valve, so try to prevent it.

And finally, Instant Pot is ideal for a vacation, whether you are in an apartment or camp.
It takes a little space and allows you great time savings and more enjoyment on vacation.


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